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What People Are Saying

I've worked with many bands just starting out and it's been a long time since I've been this impressed! Each member blew me away with their talent, proficiency and level of professionalism. 

I've worked with artists who have been in this business their entire lives and could stand to learn a few things from these teens!

Keep an eye out for Iron Horse and their various side projects... 

If you get the chance to book them, TAKE IT!!!

Michael Sasportas, MSW

- Simsbury Meadows
Performing Arts Center
- ACE Audio
- Michael Sasportas Music

Iron Horse played for 90 minutes at our

20th Anniversary Celebration at Homes For The Brave and they were fabulous.


The band has immense talent in every instrument category and an outstanding vocalist. They played a terrific set of

classic rock songs and were

raved about and greatly enjoyed

by the over 100 attendees. 

Vincent Santilli

- CEO/Executive Director
Homes For The Brave

(Bridgeport, CT)

I am in awe at how amazing they are!

I can't wait to invite them back for another event. I just need to figure out WHAT event.

I will CREATE an event to make it happen!!

Manuela Henshaw

- Director of Youth Ministry
St. Catherine's Of Siena

(West Simsbury, CT)

None of them were alive when

I wrote that song!

- Tom Scholz of 'Boston'

Play one more!!!


- Gentleman in the
back of the room

They have a website?!

Giovanni's mom

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